Frequently Asked Questions

I've been in the hospital and some people from the hospital have come in to visit me. They want me to use the hospital based home health agency. Do I have to use theirs or can I use a different one?
You may use any agency you choose. By law, it is the patient's right to choose which Home Health Agency he or she would like to use as the provider. Anyone who tells you differently is misleading you. Of course, physicians often have their favorite home health agencies because they have had experience with several and can usually recommend good ones in your area. But ultimately, it is your choice of which one to use.
What do I have to pay for if I receive home health services?
Medicare pays for 100% of home health services. The patient will not be billed. If a patient only has private insurance, a patient might be billed a portion of the fee not covered by the insurance plan. You will be notified if there is a portion that will not be covered by your insurance or Medicare upon admission.
When do you come to my house?
This is a common question! The answer is we typically make the visit when you, the nurse, or the therapist, agree to an appointment time. We realize you have doctor's appointments or other potential scheduling conflicts, and our clinicians make every effort to accommodate the patient's schedule.
If I'm 'homebound' as defined by Medicare, can I ever leave my house?
Yes. Medicare does allow patients to leave the house for short outings such as the grocery store, the doctor's office, church, beauty salons, and short visits to other locations. These outings must be effortful and taxing on the patient.
How long can the nurses and therapists come to my home?
As long as a physician orders services that he or she deems medically necessary.
Do I have to accept the services ordered by my physician if I don't want them?
No, you don't. However, there is usually a good reason why your doctor ordered the services, and it would be prudent to at least let the professionals complete their evaluations. Each discipline's treatment begins with a thorough assessment of the patient to develop a treatment plan for an episode (Medicare's term for a 60 day period). Sometimes, the therapist will do the initial assessment or evaluation and determine there is not a need for skilled services. If that is the case, no further visits would be provided by that therapist. You, as the patient, may always decline services if you choose.
When will I be discharged from home health services?
There are many different reasons for a patient's discharge, but most commonly, you will be discharged when you have met your goals, you no longer require skilled care (based on the assessment and recommendations of the professional providers), or you have stabilized and/or reached a plateau in your skill level.
If I'm discharged from a home health agency, can I ever get services again?
Absolutely, and it doesn't have to be the same agency! If you are pleased with your home care provider, then stick with them. If not, you may always choose a different provider. If your condition changes, for better or worse, and your physician identifies a need for home health services to resume, you may be readmitted to the agency at any time.
How do I get set up with your agency?
Your physician will call or fax us an order, or prescription, for home care services that identifies which services are indicated. We will have the admitting clinician call and set up an appointment time that is agreeable to perform your admission. You may also contact us directly and we can coordinate services with your doctor.